Our Team

In order of appearance...

The one with the crazy idea to start all of this. Now that the shop is up and running, she will usually be working in the background, to make sure all of our various areas are working together smoothly.
Anni sews most of our beautiful pillows and does stained glass work. By the time you read this, she will probably have started into a yet another art form with which to entertain herself and delight us.
Although usually happiest with a paintbrush in her hand or learning new carpentry skills, Stacey has cheerfully been up for whatever is needed as we have pulled together this project. She has a great deal of knowledge of old pieces, and  is always up for the hunt for new items for the shop.

Very Honorable Mentions

The Interior Remodel
He made the interior of our shop into the beautiful space it is now, which was no small feat. Although an electrician by nature and training, he was kind enough to temporarily add carpentry and plumbing to his efforts in order to give us every little thing that we wanted. Thank you, Greg!
The Exterior Facade
Nate built the beautiful false storefront in the shop’s courtyard, where there had once been only a pot-bellied concrete wall. As it is what you see of the shop from Main Street, we were concerned that it needed to look more like a shop than a who-knoes-what. Nate made our dreams come true. Thank you, Nate!
Enthusiastic Support
Her biggest, but by far not only, contribution was to give Laurie the courage to follow her dream for a shop in the funny little space at 51 Main Street. Terry left us before the shop opened in order to focus on her husband's business, but we wouldn’t be here, or have the look we do, without her. Thank you, Terry!