Our Products

We scour the countryside, and sometimes even the world, to bring you very unique pieces for your home, in an eclectic mix of styles, eras, and tastes, in the hope that here is where you’ll find that special piece: the one that perfectly fits one of your rooms, sparks your creativity for the look of another, or just the right gift for someone special in your life.

Our products are produced or found by individual people.
· Art, sculpture and softgoods made by hand
· Furniture built by hand from found or natural materials
· Vintage pieces found in old barns, and other hiding spots,
often lovingly restored by someone

Most of what we sell is ready-to-use.
Wall art is ready to hang. Fabrics are new or have been cleaned for you. Furniture has been restored or refinished, if needed.

We lean toward the natural in our choices of materials.
The fabrics we use are primarily linen, cotton and wool, and occasionally include rayon or viscose (both man made from wood cellulose), or silk.* Our wood products are solid, with the occasional original plywood backing on casegoods. For any pieces we paint in-house, Zero VOC paints are used.

*Vintage textiles may vary from this.